Debtables is a free app to help you plan your debt-free future! Create a plan to pay off your debt using various debt-reduction options (snowball effect plan is included free), track your progress, actually see the true cost of your loans, find out how much house you can honestly afford, and more!

App available in the Apple App Store and Google Play

Free app with in-app purchase to add additional reports and pay-off types.

How It Works

Debtables gives you a simple and intuitive way to manage and pay off your debts using the tried and true “snowball” method that comes recommended by financial experts. Using this method, let Debtables guide you through the process of becoming debt free in a much shorter time than you can imagine!

Key Features

Our free version is feature rich including most of the features below.
Our paid version removes ads and includes achievements, visual reporting, and additional payoff strategies.

Cloud Based

Your data stays with you even if you switch devices.

Debt Progress

View remaining balances, due dates, pay off dates, upcoming payments, interest and progress percentage in one place.

Debt Payment Tracking

Easily mark debts as paid, modify and remove debts with a simple tap, and enable notifications for each debt to ensure they’re paid on time.

Multiple Calculators

Loan – Determine estimated payments, Affordable Loan – select desired payment for max loan amount, Mortgage – including amortization schedule.

Full Debt Summary

See your progress…how far you’ve come and how much is left, at a glance.

Unlimited Debt Tracking

Track all of your debts in one place without any limitations on how many or how much you wish to track.

Pay Off Strategies

Strategies include Lowest Balance First, Highest Balance First, Highest Interest First, and Lowest Interest First. Snowball method shows the true effect on debts.

Visual Reports/Charts

Analyze all of your debts visually with powerful reports showing just how much interest is paid and where your money goes!


Debtables is available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play today...for FREE!

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"Useful and user friendly. Great app to help get out of debt faster. By only adding a few hundred dollars to my monthly payments, I can pay off some of my debt in half the time."